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Morningstar Document Research: SEC filings


Morningstar Document Research streamlines public company research by providing navigation tools for its global and SEC filings database. Users can choose to search by keyword with the help of multiple filters or use advanced multi-criteria queries to pinpoint content within a document. The pre-formulated searches in Knowledge Base jumpstart the search process for hot topics and industry-specific issues. Users can also save searches and automatically receive real-time document alerts.


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Full-text searches of global company filings




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Cloud of Keywords from all content
High relevance

filings international corp holdings

Medium relevance

technologies document pharmaceuticals partners group energy searches global

Low relevance

pharmaceuticals partners group energy searches global gold security companies 10-q 14a industries 09-04-2012axion password solutions trust management morningstar asset corp08-31-2012advaxis michael company public users

Very Low relevance
gold security companies 10-q 14a industries 09-04-2012axion password solutions trust management morningstar asset corp08-31-2012advaxis michael company public users 08-31-2012oragenics providing navigation inc08-31-2012technology applications isotope 08-31-2012proshares inc09-04-2012advanced 09-04-2012bespoke college tricycles inc09-04-2012intercept ii08-31-2012alon tools medical lp09-06-2012brauser reinsurance e09-05-2012flagstone 09-05-2012sandell corp09-05-2012robbins 09-04-2012presstek myers bruce 09-05-2012toll telemanagement michael09-06-2012mer streamlines ltd09-06-2012green filings morningstar 09-06-2012usmd critter club 09-07-2012applied recovery industrial inc09-07-2012marcus clarion corp09-06-2012cbre database inc09-07-2012china select llc09-05-2012sentry capital 09-05-2012spf bv09-07-2012molex beheer estate income 09-05-2012cree inc09-05-2012recovery inc09-07-2012duane street travel 09-06-2012privileged corp09-06-2012forward inc09-06-2012strattec corp09-06-2012cintas fund09-06-2012towerstream corp09-06-2012cal maine foods 09-05-2012american 09-04-2012therapeutic full-text reports countries earnings transcripts text audio interim annual letters beneficial action ownership institutional ownership fundamental companies 40 data format for assistance entered address registration ll send create instructions policy privacy documentresearch 800-365-4608 support@morningstar rights our terms reserved digest sec news financial corp09-06-2012community 09-06-2012cnh llc09-05-2012utg equipment inc09-05-2012network 09-06-2012intel inc09-06-2012imprimis inc09-07-2012checkpoint 09-07-2012cheniere systems inc09-07-2012penske 09-07-2012achillion automotive inc09-04-2012axion 09-04-2012lj content sec comprehensive 1994 pre-edgar 1966 xbrl letters sec 2007 sec june 13g 10-k inc selected 13f proxy 13d s-1 llc09-06-2012hemenway services corp google america general electric keyword profit merger guidance select co select company bank components select search test sample robust engine following three selecting type 10-k 10-q proxy def-14a in knowledge documents def documents 10-k documents 13d documents 13g documents s-1 base ownership view documents filed 10-ks proxies 10-qs types membership online researchers resource addressing gaap regulatory alerts real-time industry-specific topics issues save receive automatically reporting requirements name password remember user forgot reset learn jumpstart intelligence competitive legal drafting agreements diligence benchmarking and compensation documents 13f documents 09-07-2012aceto 09-07-2012princeton filters national bancorp stephen inc09-07-2012kidder realty 09-07-2012commonwealth software 09-07-2012american inc09-07-2012culp inc09-07-2012lululemon 09-07-2012aurum athletica w09-07-2012somerville kurt plan09-06-2012sparinvest retirement by keyword choose advisory s09-06-2012inr counsel09-06-2012shelter investment multiple f09-07-2012puzo j09-06-2012elefante b09-06-2012fidgeon f09-06-2012aurora timothy ventures 09-07-2012press corp09-06-2012lsi hartford content inc09-06-2012lightpath inc09-06-2012intelligent pinpoint co09-06-2012first service pre-formulated corp09-07-2012celadon inc09-07-2012unwired planet inc09-06-2012matrix 09-07-2012sws living corp09-06-2012bahamas therapeutics 09-07-2012hyperion inc09-07-2012grizzly multi-criteria 09-07-2012tundra advanced electronics inc09-07-2012vortec 09-06-2012strattec concierge queries to corp09-05-2012netsol worldwide inc09-07-2012uti process

Highlighted Content Analysis

Cloud of Keywords from all content
High relevance

Medium relevance

document searches filings

Low relevance

searches filings morningstar global users company

Very Low relevance
morningstar global users company proxy xbrl quarterly report sec filing annual report sec filings real-time alerts full-text 10k sec filings search 10q insider trading beneficial ownership 10-k wizard wizard 10k wizard corporate research edgar 10-q receive 8-k s-1 10-k topics keyword choose multiple filters advanced database tools streamlines public providing navigation multi-criteria queries process industry-specific issues save jumpstart base pinpoint content pre-formulated knowledge automatically