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Find Recycling Locations, Green Living Tips and More - 1-800-Recycling


Find Recycling locations for electronics, plastic and household items quickly by ZIP Code or City. Stay informed on Green Technology, Recycling and other topics with our blogs and articles.


Recycling, E-waste, Computer Recycling, Electronics Recycling, Paper Recycling, Batteries, Tire Recycling, Metal Recycling, Glass Recycling, Recycling Centers, Cell Phone Recycling




Find Recycling Locations in Los Angeles, CA
Recycling News & Interviews
Recycling Profile: Halifax, NS, Canada
Making Good Use of Unwanted Plastic Toys
Talking Recycling with the Ecorazzi Editors
Nau: Achieving Beauty, Performance and Sustainability
Faherty Brand Recycles Plastic Bottles into Hip Swimwear’s Jakob Barry: Plan a Greener Move
Recycling Headlines |  ‘I Want to be Recycled’ Campaign to Target the Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Who are Not Avid Recyclers
Recycling Headlines |  Electronic Recyclers International to Launch New 81,000-Sq.-Ft. Colorado Facility in Aurora
Recycling Headlines |  Sanitation Commissioner Announces New Multiple-Dwelling Electronics Recycling Program
Recycling Headlines |  E-Waste: What Happens with Your Outdated or Broken Gadgets
Recycling Headlines |  523 Colleges and Universities Nationwide Recover 90 Million Pounds of Organic and Recyclable Materials During RecycleMania
Recycling Headlines |  Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle Presents the First-Ever Broccoli City Fest 2013


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