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1892 East - New American Restaurant & Tavern - Huntsville, Alabama


1892 East Restaurant & Tavern is built around one thing - community. Located in the historic Five Points neighborhood in Huntsville, Alabama, we combine historic traditions with a lively, friendly atmosphere. We are committed to serving you and your friends and family and also to buying locally grown food, which helps support and build our community. Food that begins with farm fresh ingredients just tastes better. Especially when you have a Chef like ours who can elevate the simplest of familiar ingredients to create amazing dishes. From distinctive New American cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients to indulgent organic selections, 1892 East satisfies and delights with its sustainable focus on food. Fine dining is down to earth at 1892 East and foodies, friends and families will feel right at home in the modern-tavern surroundings. We are proud to be a part of the local neighborhood and relish the historic and colorful enclave of Five Points. We're the New American restaurant & tavern in the neighborhood...we hope you'll drop by.


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1892 East Restaurant & Tavern


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