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422 GROW provides an extensive line of garden equipment and supplies along with an emphasis on advanced indoor, greenhouse and outdoor gardening applications utilizing artificial lighting and hydroponics. We are the source for everything necessary for customers to be successful growers in any environment they choose. 422 GROW stocks a wide variety of merchandise and will accommodate customers? special orders with guaranteed next business day delivery to the store for customer pick up at their convenience. We are an authorized retailer of BWGS, Hydrofarm and NGW / Sunlight Supply.


Fluorescent, HID, & LED Lighting Components & Systems; CO2 Generators, Monitors, & Tanks; Environmental Automation, Control, & Monitors; Air Purification & Ventilation; Hydroponic & Organic Additives & Fertilizers; Air & Water Cooled Reflectors; Bags & Containers; Hydroponic Components & Systems; Disease & Pest Control; Media, Soil, & Tents; Books & Information; pH/EC/ TDS Meters & Testing; Propagation & Tissue Culture Equipment; Plants & Seeds; and Water Filtration; Botanicare; General Hydroponics; Lumatek; BWGS; Hydrofarm; NGW; Sunlight Supply






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