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501 Places | Travel stories that won't change the world501 Places




501 Places


From Palau to Rotherhithe: the story of Prince Lee Boo
Marshall Islands: a broken paradise
On London’s notorious Ratcliffe Highway, in search of tigers and dragons
Does a city pass or tourist card offer value for money?
The Casemates of Luxembourg: an underground tour with a difference
Sound advice on local hotels – from the girl in McDonalds
7 steps to creating your own boutique hotel
A photo tour of Japanese castles
Entrance fees to the 7 Wonders of the World: how much is too much?
Europe by train: why the magic never dies
El Salvador: La Ruta de las Flores
Travels in Guatemala: a day on the chicken bus
Dubrovnik: from war zone to tourist hotspot
Sarajevo: so much more than bombs and bullets
The true British tourism champions (no fancy campaigns required)
Catalina on Vatersay: a plane wreck with more than one story
Responsible tourism – who does it benefit?
The perils of lying to immigration officials
A very English breakfast
Do we really need to travel?
Nan Madol: the lost city of the Pacific
Rule 1 of basic customer service: it’s about the customer, not you
How to make a tourist town
Peseta waffles: a nostalgic look at travel before the Euro


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