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Why I never went bowling with Darth Vader...
Just a bicycle parking lot... In Japan.
The new GTA V Multiplayer looks insane!
Super hot photoshoot
Doing dishes in college
How to fall in love...
Man Stabbed With Sword
Lieutenant Dan, roller skates!
Careful trying to hit those high notes
This is what happens every time you see the Universal Logo
Too many stairs
How a pistol works
My Creation: Tower Of Pimps Builder (Small GIF)
his name is snuggles, and he likes to play GTA with me
A story....
I found the most upsetting gif
I think I'm laughing more than I should be
A strike close up
Head slide dance
My favorite missing nose gif.
Well Fuck
Chelsea players, the other white meat
Hands up, who likes me?


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