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abhominal | posthumans


posthuman genetically modified futures - a work in progress 3D art blog - biostructures, biomimetics, neoplasmatic design, architectural organic structures - future human evolution


genetic monsters, genetic engineering, posthuman future, fine art, three dimensional art, abstract surreal art, digital art, inhuman posthumanity, post human


abhominal | posthumans


Posthuman Futures
Supermodel, Size Zero
Reconfiguration III
Biostructure VII
Posthuman Structure III
Biostructure VI
Posthuman Structure II
Posthuman Structure I
Biogeometric I
Biostructure IV
Biostructure III
Biostructure II
Reconfiguration II
Reconfiguration I
Biostructure 1
Geometric Study 001
Biostructure 2
Human Reconfiguration XII
Human Reconfiguration XI
Human Reconfiguration X
Human Reconfiguration VIIII
Human Reconfiguration VI
Human Reconfiguration IV
Human Reconfiguration III
Olympian I
Human Figure Study III
Untitled VI
Untitled V




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