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Custom Ship Models & Handcrafted Boat Models Including Yachts, Sailboats, Half Hulls & Display Cases


Shop for museum quality ship models, half hulls and replicas, custom crafted with the finest materials and produced in minute detail with innovative perfection.


Ship model, Half Hulls, custom models, corporate gifts, custom yachts,


Handcrafted Boat & Ship Models



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America 1851
Mischief 1881
Defender 1895
Shamrock V. 1930
Columbia 1899
Enterprise 1930
Velsheda 1933
Endeavour I. 1934
Ranger 1937
Columbia 1958
Courageous 1974
Le Défi Français 2000
Young America 2000
Prada 2000
Team New Zealand 2003
BMW Oracle 2007
Riva Aquarama Special 1972 1972
Riva Super Aquarama 1962
Riva Ariston 1950
Riva Tritone 1954
Riva Aquariva 2000
Typhoon 1929
Chris-Craft Barrel Back 1940
Chris Craft 1930
Pilar 1934
Brooklyn Tug Boat 1918
Skipjack 1880
Royal Yacht Britannia 1893
Tuiga 1909
Herreshoff 12 1/2 1914
Bluenose 1921
Dragon 1929
Velsheda 1933
Ticonderoga 1936
Concordia Yawl 1950
Nantucket 1886
Pride of Baltimore 19th
Harriet Lane 1857
Endurance 1914
Bounty 1787
Cutty Sark 1840
Etoile 1932
Mystic 1877
CSS Virginia 1862
USS Monitor 1862
Santa Maria 1492
Pinta 1492
Niña 1492
BMW Oracle Racing 2007
Bertram 31 1961
Riva Aquarama Special 1962
Pilar 1934
Endeavour I 1934
Skipjack 1880
Galway Hooker
Santa Maria 1492
Pointu from Marseille 1880-1967


September 2013
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