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Custom Canvas Awning Company - Business Awnings in California - Commercial Canopies


Commercial Canopies and Awnings - Academy Inc. specializes in commercial awnings, canvas awnings, canopies, and cabanas. Academy Inc. offers a variety of awnings and canopies in California at competitive prices.


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"With over 100 years of industry experience as a leading awning company, Academy is dedicated to building quality products and long-term relationships."


Why We Exist
Case Study: Calvary School
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We exist to provide our customers with exceptional service, and that is exactly what motivates us every day. Whether creating custom awnings in California or Connecticut, your approval of our work inspires our expert staff to deliver the best products and services in the industry. To read our “customer manifesto” click here.
View our case study on how the staff at Academy Inc. worked with the Calvary School to build a custom canopy that solved a few problems and allowed them to maximize their space. By blending innovation with our expertise in commercial canopies, Academy Inc. was able to create a tailored solution for the Calvary School.  Read More .
Academy was selected by a wide range of clients across several industries to aid them in reinventing the public faces of their businesses, whether with canvas awnings and canopies or beach and resort cabanas. These close professional ties and friendships have been shaped by our consistent personal approach to selling, manufacturing, and installing canvas awnings, commercial shade, and the entire line of Academy products. To view a larger list of our clients,  click here .
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