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Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) - The In-house Counsel Bar Association


The in-house bar association for professional corporate counsel who practice in legal departments globally. ACC, a membership organization, provides resources, news, educational programs and events (CLE), a job search database, and law advocacy sources.


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ACC Supports Commercial Docket in Cuyahoga County
Surviving the New OSHA: Trends, Traps, and Tips for the In-House Practitioner
Insurance Coverage for Marketing & Advertising Risks
Mini MBA for In-house Counsel
Project Management for the In-house Law Department
843 job openings listing; 85 new this week
Job Seekers
Privilege Covers Law Firms' Talks With In-House Counsel
Association Of Corporate Counsel Breaks Ground In Singapore With First Chapter In Asia
A Quick Guide to Venture Capital Law in Europe


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Jul 16 2013 2:00 PM ET
Jul 24 2013 3:00 PM ET
Sep 17-19, 2013
Sep 24-25, 2013
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