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Find a Job Using Cloud Recruiting, The New Way to Find a Great Job


You made it. You are now on the Accolo Job Seeker website and closer to landing a great job. Accolo has helped over 35,000 people like yourself LAND A JOB with the best companies in all kinds of industries and now it's your turn. Feel free to use all of these totally free tools and resources to help you land YOUR next job quickly and easily. Start right now - SEARCH OPEN JOBS




Cabbage. Green. Skrill. How much are you worth?
The greatest asset any company has is an employee who doesn’t know their value. Many employers will smile and tell you how much they love you and appreciate your hard work, while nightly figuring out a way to get more out of you for less money. This is simple business. Simply sad, but true.
Got a job? Be responsible, then it’s time to party.
Well, you did it. You landed that job you’ve been trying so hard to get. Here are some ideas for treating yourself to a little relaxation and respite, before that alarm starts going off at 7am every day.
A green job just may be what you’re looking for.
Green jobs aren’t all about making green, they are about going beyond money and doing something productive to help the state of our environment.
Impress them : Prepping for your interview…
Whether you’re a job searching pro or have just figured out that a “Search Agent” has no relation to James Bond, you can minimize the chaos that comes with applying and interviewing by making sure you’ve got these basics covered…
Do you have a social media hangover?
Remember that night in Reno? Maybe you don’t. But guess what, Facebook does. It may have seemed like a great idea at the time to post your Rocky Horror Picture Show photo shoot on every social network known to man (and women) but when it’s time to land your dream job, it may not represent your ‘best side’.
Hard work pays off.
Putting your nose to the grindstone. Burning the midnight oil. Working hard instead of hardly working. Many folks sit around and wonder how they are going to “get rich” only to wake up ten years later broke and out of luck.
Guess what? The nerds won.
When it comes to big paychecks and fat bank accounts, the nerds have done a great job of raking in the bucks.
Join the Accolo Career Network.
The Accolo Career Network is a group of over 2.5 Million people who have utilized Accolo Cloud Recruiting to help them find a good job. By joining, you can be automatically contacted when a job that fits your skills and personality is available for application and makes it easy and fast to apply and keep informed throughout the application process.
It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.
No matter what your field (from food service to engineering, marketing to retail) one thing that is consistent over most hiring processes is reference checking. Which is great!
You landed the job. Now what?
You are a person, and people have careers and work at jobs . Fostering, growing and harvesting strong relationships from the every first moment you walk in the door at your new workplace is the way to ensure a long prosperous career with an always upward tracking trajectory.
What’s happening at this instant?
Here’s a sweet RSS feed of news items about jobs , employment and action figures…
America Works
The Accolo AmericaWorks initiative is a push to drop unemployment in America by 1% in 2013. We all know that the biggest issue facing our nation at this point is underemployment and unemployment. It has reached a ~10% average and is affecting every aspect of our lives and economy.
Cloud Recruiting Introduction
How to ace your interview, Ace.
Congratulations! You’ve earned yourself an interview! Now is your chance to prove that you are more than just a name and a few bullet points on a resume… or at the very least, that you’re better than that other candidates.
The end game. Why retirement isn’t a scary word.
Retirement can be a scary word, especially if you just got over your hangover from College Grad Night. But, the experts say there is no better time to start planning for your retirement than yesterday.


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