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A Celebration of Women™ — The World Hub for Women Leaders That Care


The World Hub for Women Leaders That Care


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A Celebration of Women™


Razi Sultan of Meerut receives first UN Malala award
Malala Yousefzai celebrates ‘all children’ on her 16th Birthday!
$$$ Monetize Your Brand $$$ – Conference on July 23
Celebrating 2000 Students, ‘Walk for Population Stabilization’
World Population Day 2013, celebration on July 11
Transparency International,The Global Corruption Barometer 2013
July Video Message from the Angels‏
Doris Buffett, ‘Learning by Giving’ {philanthropy online course}
Free Call with Marianne‏ Williamson – July 16
Counting 9.6 billion humans on earth by 2050
ECOSOC, Humanitarian Affairs Segment, July15-17
Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka – WOMAN of ACTION™
Stefanie Graf – WOMAN of ACTION™
Odette Laurie – WOMAN of ACTION™
Dambisa Moyo – WOMAN of ACTION™
Dr. Kiran Bedi – WOMAN of ACTION™
Belinda Stronach – WOMAN of ACTION™
Emmanuelle Gattuso – WOMAN of ACTION™
Diane von Furstenberg – WOMAN of ACTION™
Helene D. Gayle – WOMAN of ACTION™
Jennifer Stoddart – WOMAN of ACTION™
Angelina Jolie – WOMAN of ACTION™
Maria Elena Bello – WOMAN of ACTION™
Women and HIV/AIDS (Infographic)
Where are Kainat and Malala’s friends today?
Lorre White celebrates the 5 most expensive sleeps on the planet!
Education urgently needed for 28.5 million school age children
University for Peace course Costa Rica (July 22-27, 2013)
Sign Petition, Days to end the education emergency
Live streaming of child sex abuse an ‘emerging threat’ in 2013
Sebelius Approves Plans for Data Collection for HHS HIV Grantees
Does banning prostitution make women safer?, Laura Agustín
Melissa Gambrill, Marketing Manager from Britax Child Safety, Inc.
10 Key Things in a Vacation Lodging – Traveling with Kids
Key Developments in HIV Research from IAS 2013
SIOBHAN WILCOX – Quote Action of the Day



Women of Action™
Mini Trade Show Conference, Monetize Your Brand! (July 23) Your Ladder to Success!
I AM a WOMAN of ACTION™ because …
Your Support is Appreciated and Celebrated
All Gifts Appreciated and Accepted Here
TORONTO PATIOS – Celebrating our Friend LaMaquette on King E.
A Celebration of Women™ 2013
The Woman Within® 2013 Weekends, Australia/South Africa – Register Today!
The Global Fund for Women – 25th Anniversary Galas APRIL 2013 – NYC, OCT 2013 – SF


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