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    WELCOME TO WILDWOOD MICROPHONES (formerly The Acoustic Condenser Microphone Company).  We are not the worlds largest microphone fact, we may be the smallest.  But we may be the most unique!  Most of the mics at Wildwood Microphones are hand-crafted of fine domestic and imported hardwoods with hand soldered electronics using the best components available.   We appreciate any comments or criticisms you may have.   All sales are handled thru Paul Savasta at Odyssey Pro Sound, phone him at 1-800-249-1821. 
Below, Whistler's grandpa using a Dreamland Prototype condenser.  (Our mics no longer have the (white) name /  logo band around the bottom of the body. 
BELOW, The Dreamland Omnidirectional Condenser Mic for vocal and  acoustic-instrument recording.
BELOW, 4 of our brand new "Songbird" Unidirectional condenser mics. They are offered at the introductory price of $199. only thru Odyssey Pro Sound. They come with a Butterfly Clip (for mounting to your mic stand) and a nice, solid pine wood storage box. Also included is the Owner Manual. (When the Intro Offer expires, price will be $300. each). See Odyssey Pro Sound's website for additional information.



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