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Daily Geek News Videos - UGO


UGO is a pop culture comedy site. We celebrate our obsessions by cracking jokes and making awesome videos. We kid because we love.


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Looks like it ate one too many Volkswagens.
It's always hard for a mother to watch her babies leave the nest.
Superman is for everyone, not just tough guys with trucks and big belt buckles.
Check out UGO's trailer for Sim City: A Game To Kill For
Local news entertains for the first time in the history of television.
Satan, too, works in mysterious ways.
They might as well announce the inevitable Star Trek crossover while they're at it.
Luckily, "Corporate Jerk Marine" is still available.
Excited to see Terminator 5? Well, here's a trailer to get you more excited!
That's one cute and cuddly Star-Lord.
New Star Wars looking to shoot itself in the foot right out of the gate.
Pretending to be Superman leads to altruism... and many, many wedgies.
The Transformers series finally has a minor chance of being visually comprehensible.
Bruce Banner and Tony Stark's bromance is about to take a hit.
Whatever it is, I hear it's popular and therefore must have a copy.
The integrity of Fifty Shades of Grey must be maintained.



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