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Adammas Notions - Home


Adammas Notions is an online retail web-store located in Chicago, IL. We carry a wide assortment of products; like, incense, candles, oils, oil burners, journals, clothing, watches, shoes, tobacco accessories and more.


incense sticks, air fresheners, aroma lamps, decorative flags, watches, handbags,



Welcome to Adammas Notions
Nepali Wool Fleece Lined Animal Hats
Soapstone Shiny Black Mortar and Pestle
Tree of Life 9x6 inch Wood Box
Tribal Skull XL w/Removable Lid Storage Container
Alice in Wonderland Black-Light Tapestry
One Love Bob Marley Fleece Blanket 50"x60"
Rasta Backpack
PJ Mark Military Style Royal Blue Light Jacket
Vampire Blood Poly Resin Canoe Incense Holder
Wonderwall Tapestry Japanese Wave
Ebony Wood Salad Serving Set
Suntouched Massage Candle




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