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DOA — For the love of music


For the love of music





Phoenix – Bankrupt!
Emanuel and the Fear – The Janus Mirror
Herbcraft – The Astral Body Electric
Deerhunter – Monomania
Kanye West – Yeezus
Interview with Madison
Interview with David Baker (Variety Lights, Shady and ex-Mercury Rev)
Interview with Scott Paterson of Sons And Daughters
Interview with Simon Bonney of Crime & The City Solution
Interview with Rykarda Parasol
Q&A with The Cannanes
Underappreciated Album of the Month: UAM #9 (Pluramon – The Monstrous Surplus, 2007)
Q&A with Lost Animal
Video out from Welsh punk band Last Vendetta
Kickstarter campagin for Book on Trenton NJ’s City Gardens club
New Album from Dad Punchers
Eighth Album from Drazy Hoops out now
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