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Naples Architectural & Interior Design Photography - Advanced Photography Specialists


Advanced Photography Specialists is granted access into the top homes in this industry for a reason...their technical and professional know-how. Since opening in 2007 they have been hired to photograph over 5200 homes from Florida to Maine and a few out west. Their clients consist of, but are not limited, to Architects, Commercial and Residential Builders, Interior Designers, Luxury Realtors, Resort Owners, Private Residences and many other professionals. Consistently producing magazine quality results is what keeps them ahead of the competition and enables them to maintain a steadily growing client base. Blaine’s love for photography started at a young age after his mother gave him his first 35mm camera. Many years later he won several awards throughout high school for his eye-catching nature photography. After high school he opted to focus on his true passion, photography, which has enabled him to advance his skill-set helping APS excel past the competition. His proudest accomplishments to date are his 2 young sons and marrying his beautiful wife. Mike’s passion for photography started as a teenager photographing local skateboarders in the Chicago area. He would later attend Columbia College where he studied graphic design and large format photography. With a full arsenal of equipment at his disposal he became fascinated with the technical side of lighting and its importance in every photograph. This remains true to this day where he creates mood-evoking light in every image. When he is not working he can be found spending time with his wife and 3 young children. Together they form Advanced Photography, an unstoppable team dedicated to providing their clients the attention and expertise they deserve. Having worked in a luxury real estate marketing department for over 10 years, they know the importance of using quality photography to attract the consumer’s eye. In today’s market with technology at everyone’s fingertips, the first and sometimes the only chance you may get to make a great lasting impression is the photography representing your company or brand. Utilizing the industries best digital camera systems and lighting equipment, they are able to produce eye-catching light and depth to every photograph. Their work has helped clients earn top design awards and has been published in numerous magazines, feature articles, as well as national advertising campaigns. With their standard 24-hour turnaround time Monday - Thursday, you are no longer waiting days or weeks for your results. So if you are ready to take your marketing image to the next level contact Advanced Photography Specialists today!


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