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Aero Smith - Amateur Radio Products


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Amateur Radio Products
Amateur Radio Products
Welcome to Aero-Smith Amateur Radio Products
It's the hamfest online  
We are now accepting credit cards  
We ship World Wide


Items are sent from the factory to us when you place an order, and then we ship them to the customer.  PLEASE do not order if you are not in agreement with this. Please be advised that we have to place most orders from the factory. Most orders are processed same day but some items may take up to several weeks for delivery. Your credit card account will not be charged at the time of purchase, only when order is shipped. If you are not satisfied with the shipping time involved then please do not order.  We try our best to get orders out on a quick turn around time but sometimes these orders are back ordered. We offer low prices because we have very low over head and pass the savings on to you. Please make sure you are in agreement with our policy before you place an order. Thanks for your continued support and business. We are a web based business only. No phone orders
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