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We offer a summary of worldwide and US first flights including the philatelic documentation that they carried on those flights. Aerophilatelic flights covers and aviation literature for sale.


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CAM (Contract Air Mail) First Flights
FAM (Foreign Air Mail) First Flights
US JET First Flights
Post DeRegulation Air Mail First Flights
US Pioneer First Flights
US Government First Flights
Canadian First Flights
US Airport Dedications


Important Events in the History of Aviation
Important Events in Military Aeronautic History
Important Events in Balloon History
American Air Mail Society - Airpost Journal
World-Wide First Flights
Aviation Literature - For Sale
National Air Mail Week
Air Mail Etiquettes & Labels
Visit WingNet auctions.
Visit the American Air Mail Society
Visit History Central's History of Aviation Visit Ken Sanford's Aerophilatelic web-site. Appreciate aviation's impact on our lives by visiting an Aviation Museum .
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eMail: Aerodacious

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