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Indian Advertising, Media, Marketing, Digital, Advertising Agencies - afaqs!


afaqs!Indian advertising, media & marketing portal that provides agency news in digital,media,television,ads,brand,print ad,radio marketing and many more media & marketing related services.


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Uninor to sign on Bates CHI & Partners as creative agency


The telecom brand was reviewing its creative agency since April.
AAAI opposes "unilateral action to change the measurement system"
A Dummy's Guide to CPT and CPRP
Dreamers Media offers 36 EMIs on new cars
"Uncles, aunts and neighbours needn't know my brand; students do": Karan Kumar
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BIG CBS Love Campaign
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Van Heusen scouts for 'Fashionable Professionals' through LinkedIn
Myntra gets Vikas Ahuja as CMO
TAM data to go monthly for select channels
ZeeQ brings scientists and astronauts at Mumbai Airport
In larger set-ups, you get pushed into consensus-driven thinking: Umesh Shrikhande
New Media: Still an unexplored territory
India's Biggest Cartoon Success
Creativeland Asia gets new COO
'Sweet' Initiative by Zee Cinema
Significant majority avail coupons to shop online
Dish TV India Selects Broadcom for New Direct-to-Home Set-Top Boxes scouts for a creative partner and Vijay Sales enter into Strategic Partnership
Ramsekhar Manchikalapati joins IPE Global as Chief Executive Officer
Asmi jewellery unveils new campaign with Brand Ambassador Priyanka Chopra
NMIMS University establishes fresh identity
ASUS Transformer Book TX300 unveiled by Shahrukh Khan on the occasion of Chennai Express Music Launch
CFA Institute appoints Ketchum Sampark as its PR and Social Media agency

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