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Affinity Executive Search


Established in 1989, Affinity is considered one of the most capable and dependable search firms in the country, regularly achieving a rank of #1 by The Ladders. Our clients include businesses of all sizes ranging from startups to Fortune 50. With our senior leadership role in the Top Echelon Network of Executive Recruiters, we provide a worldwide network of more than 1,400 recruiters to assist our clients with assignments globally, while our award winning 'boutique' firm market position enables our seasoned staff to focus on personal attention, utilizing sophisticated research capabilities.


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Affinity Executive Search


Yes, it can be that easy!
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Here at Affinity Executive Search with over 2000 jobs we are confident that we have the perfect match for you, click here and apply today! »
Four decades of helping people achieve their dreams through quality search »
Hundreds of search professionals each with different areas of specialty, from Agriculture, Medical, Finance and Semiconductor to Retail and everything else »
Welcome to Affinity Executive Search!
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