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Andrews Family Music has been teaching instrumental music lessons throughout Eastern Ontario and New Brunswick since 1972. Since then, over 5000 students have enjoyed learning from our accelerated, unique and self-motivational system of instruction.


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Kemptville, Guitar Lessons Lansdowne, Guitar Lessons Lyn, Guitar Lessons Lyndhurst, Guitar Lessons Maitland, Guitar Lessons Mallorytown, Guitar Lessons Merrickville, Guitar Lessons Morristown, Guitar Lessons North Augusta, Guitar Lessons Ogdensburg, Guitar Lessons Oxford Mills, Guitar Lessons Oxford Station, Guitar Lessons Prescott, Guitar Lessons Rockport, Guitar Lessons Spencerville, Guitar Lessons Tincap, Bass Guitar Instruction Addison, Bass Guitar Instruction Athens, Bass Guitar Instruction Brockville, Bass Guitar Instruction Cardinal, Bass Guitar Instruction Delta, Bass Guitar Instruction Elgin, Bass Guitar Instruction Elizabethtown, Bass Guitar Instruction Frankville, Bass Guitar Instruction Johnstown, Bass Guitar Instruction Kemptville, Bass Guitar Instruction Lansdowne, Bass Guitar Instruction Lyn, Bass Guitar Instruction Lyndhurst, Bass Guitar Instruction Maitland, Bass Guitar Instruction Mallorytown, Bass Guitar Instruction Merrickville, Bass Guitar Instruction Morristown, Bass Guitar Instruction North Augusta, Bass Guitar Instruction Ogdensburg, Bass Guitar Instruction Oxford Mills, Bass Guitar Instruction Oxford Station, Bass Guitar Instruction Prescott, Bass Guitar Instruction Rockport, Bass Guitar Instruction Spencerville, Bass Guitar Instruction Tincap, Bass Guitar Lessons Addison, Bass Guitar Lessons Athens, Bass Guitar Lessons Brockville, Bass Guitar Lessons Cardinal, Bass Guitar Lessons Delta, Bass Guitar Lessons Elgin, Bass Guitar Lessons Elizabethtown, Bass Guitar Lessons Frankville, Bass Guitar Lessons Johnstown, Bass Guitar Lessons Kemptville, Bass Guitar Lessons Lansdowne, Bass Guitar Lessons Lyn, Bass Guitar Lessons Lyndhurst, Bass Guitar Lessons Maitland, Bass Guitar Lessons Mallorytown, Bass Guitar Lessons Merrickville, Bass Guitar Lessons Morristown, Bass Guitar Lessons North Augusta, Bass Guitar Lessons Ogdensburg, Bass Guitar Lessons Oxford Mills, Bass Guitar Lessons Oxford Station, Bass Guitar Lessons Prescott, Bass Guitar Lessons Rockport, Bass Guitar Lessons Spencerville, Bass Guitar Lessons Tincap, Fiddle Instruction Addison, Fiddle Instruction Athens, Fiddle Instruction Brockville, Fiddle Instruction Cardinal, Fiddle Instruction Delta, Fiddle Instruction Elgin, Fiddle Instruction Elizabethtown, Fiddle Instruction Frankville, Fiddle Instruction Johnstown, Fiddle Instruction Kemptville, Fiddle Instruction Lansdowne, Fiddle Instruction Lyn, Fiddle Instruction Lyndhurst, Fiddle Instruction Maitland, Fiddle Instruction Mallorytown, Fiddle Instruction Merrickville, Fiddle Instruction Morristown, Fiddle Instruction North Augusta, Fiddle Instruction Ogdensburg, Fiddle Instruction Oxford Mills, Fiddle Instruction Oxford Station, Fiddle Instruction Prescott, Fiddle Instruction Rockport, Fiddle Instruction Spencerville, Fiddle Instruction Tincap, Violin Instruction Addison, Violin Instruction Athens, Violin Instruction Brockville, Violin Instruction Cardinal, Violin Instruction Delta, Violin Instruction Elgin, Violin Instruction Elizabethtown, Violin Instruction Frankville, Violin Instruction Johnstown, Violin Instruction Kemptville, Violin Instruction Lansdowne, Violin Instruction Lyn, Violin Instruction Lyndhurst, Violin Instruction Maitland, Violin Instruction Mallorytown, Violin Instruction Merrickville, Violin Instruction Morristown, Violin Instruction North Augusta, Violin Instruction Ogdensburg, Violin Instruction Oxford Mills, Violin Instruction Oxford Station, Violin Instruction Prescott, Violin Instruction Rockport, Violin Instruction Spencerville, Violin Instruction Tincap, Fiddle Lessons Addison, Fiddle Lessons Athens, Fiddle Lessons Brockville, Fiddle Lessons Cardinal, Fiddle Lessons Delta, Fiddle Lessons Elgin, Fiddle Lessons Elizabethtown, Fiddle Lessons Frankville, Fiddle Lessons Johnstown, Fiddle Lessons Kemptville, Fiddle Lessons Lansdowne, Fiddle Lessons Lyn, Fiddle Lessons Lyndhurst, Fiddle Lessons Maitland, Fiddle Lessons Mallorytown, Fiddle Lessons Merrickville, Fiddle Lessons Morristown, Fiddle Lessons North Augusta, Fiddle Lessons Ogdensburg, Fiddle Lessons Oxford Mills, Fiddle Lessons Oxford Station, Fiddle Lessons Prescott, Fiddle Lessons Rockport, Fiddle Lessons Spencerville, Fiddle Lessons Tincap, Violin Lessons Addison, Violin Lessons Athens, Violin Lessons Brockville, Violin Lessons Cardinal, Violin Lessons Delta, Violin Lessons Elgin, Violin Lessons Elizabethtown, Violin Lessons Frankville, Violin Lessons Johnstown, Violin Lessons Kemptville, Violin Lessons Lansdowne, Violin Lessons Lyn, Violin Lessons Lyndhurst, Violin Lessons Maitland, Violin Lessons Mallorytown, Violin Lessons Merrickville, Violin Lessons Morristown, Violin Lessons North Augusta, Violin Lessons Ogdensburg, Violin Lessons Oxford Mills, Violin Lessons Oxford Station, Violin Lessons Prescott, Violin Lessons Rockport, Violin Lessons Spencerville, Violin Lessons Tincap, Mandolin Instruction Addison, Mandolin Instruction Athens, Mandolin Instruction Brockville, Mandolin Instruction Cardinal, Mandolin Instruction Delta, Mandolin Instruction Elgin, Mandolin Instruction Elizabethtown, Mandolin Instruction Frankville, Mandolin Instruction Johnstown, Mandolin Instruction Kemptville, Mandolin Instruction Lansdowne, Mandolin Instruction Lyn, Mandolin Instruction Lyndhurst, Mandolin Instruction Maitland, Mandolin Instruction Mallorytown, Mandolin Instruction Merrickville, Mandolin Instruction Morristown, Mandolin Instruction North Augusta, Mandolin Instruction Ogdensburg, Mandolin Instruction Oxford Mills, Mandolin Instruction Oxford Station, Mandolin Instruction Prescott, Mandolin Instruction Rockport, Mandolin Instruction Spencerville, Mandolin Instruction Tincap, Mandolin Lessons Addison, Mandolin Lessons Athens, Mandolin Lessons Brockville, Mandolin Lessons Cardinal, Mandolin Lessons Delta, Mandolin Lessons Elgin, Mandolin Lessons Elizabethtown, Mandolin Lessons Frankville, Mandolin Lessons Johnstown, Mandolin Lessons Kemptville, Mandolin Lessons Lansdowne, Mandolin Lessons Lyn, Mandolin Lessons Lyndhurst, Mandolin Lessons Maitland, Mandolin Lessons Mallorytown, Mandolin Lessons Merrickville, Mandolin Lessons Morristown, Mandolin Lessons North Augusta, Mandolin Lessons Ogdensburg, Mandolin Lessons Oxford Mills, Mandolin Lessons Oxford Station, Mandolin Lessons Prescott, Mandolin Lessons Rockport, Mandolin Lessons Spencerville, Mandolin Lessons Tincap, Piano Lessons Addison, Piano Lessons Athens, Piano Lessons Brockville, Piano Lessons Cardinal, Piano Lessons Delta, Piano Lessons Elgin, Piano Lessons Elizabethtown, Piano Lessons Frankville, Piano Lessons Johnstown, Piano Lessons Kemptville, Piano Lessons Lansdowne, Piano Lessons Lyn, Piano Lessons Lyndhurst, Piano Lessons Maitland, Piano Lessons Mallorytown, Piano Lessons Merrickville, Piano Lessons Morristown, Piano Lessons North Augusta, Piano Lessons Ogdensburg, Piano Lessons Oxford Mills, Piano Lessons Oxford Station, Piano Lessons Prescott, Piano Lessons Rockport, Piano Lessons Spencerville, Piano Lessons Tincap, Keyboard Lessons Addison, Keyboard Lessons Athens, Keyboard Lessons Brockville, Keyboard Lessons Cardinal, Keyboard Lessons Delta, Keyboard Lessons Elgin, Keyboard Lessons Elizabethtow






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