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Agriaffaires | Farm Equipment & Agriculture Machinery (Tractor, ...)


Farm equipment for sale (Tractors, Combine Harvesters, ...). Many Brands like John Deere, New Holland, Claas, Massey Ferguson with Agriaffaires



Agriaffaires : farming machinery, combine harvester and tractor


Farm equipment sales event
Today 250 872 ads for farm and construction equipment sales
Auction sales
Sales Events


Farm equipment (16 610)
Wine growing/wine making equipment (3)
Forestry equipment (4 032)
Handling / lifting (17 171)
Turf and mechanized equipment (471)
Vehicles / trucks (11 964)


Tractor (1 391)
Harvesting Equipment (2 017)
Seed Drills (228)
Sprayers (230)
Handling (8 141)
Industrial forklift (2 129)
Warehouse (161)
Platforms (6 010)
Trucks (9 596)
Vehicle (2 368)


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