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Livonia Aikido Yoshokai - Home Page


Aikido is a form of Japanese Budo, a way of study including both physical and mental training. The Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America (AYANA) is a nonprofit educational corporation established by Takashi Kushida-sensei. AYANA is dedicated to teaching Yoshokai Aikido and educating the general public about Aikido in particular and Japanese Budo in general. Yoshokai Aikido is the Aikido taught in the Livonia YMCA classes. This style is unique amongst the other styles of Aikido. The movements tend to be precise, yet dynamic and energetic. The feeling between people training together (partners), however, is positive and safe. Instead of resisting and being overcome by a technique, partners strive to learn techniques by working together in a spirit of harmony. This approach thus leads to a much different mentality - one of harmony rather than of conflict.


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Aikido Yoshokai at Livonia Family YMCA





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