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Aim at Melanoma - Homepage


AIM is a cancer research organization committed to increasing support for melanoma research; promoting prevention and education; and providing comprehensive resources for patients, survivors, and caregivers.


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AIM At Melanoma
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Melanoma Discussion
Patient & Caregiver Symposiums
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The Right Information
Inspiration for Action
Committed to a CURE
GSK Files Melanoma Drug Combination Early in Race to Market
Surgeons Report Melanoma Recurs After 10 Years in More Than 6 Percent of Patients
Concurrent Nivolumab, Ipilimumab Induced Rapid, Deep, Durable Responses in Advanced Melanoma
Targeted Duo Boosts OS in Melanoma
Merck: Drug Shrinks Tumors in Melanoma Patients
Bristol Drug Shrinks Melanoma in 31 Percent of Trial Patients
Amgen Melanoma Drug Improved Survival By 21 Pct in Interim Look
UPDATE 1-FDA Approves Two Glaxo Melanoma Drugs
Roche Immunotherapy Shows Response Over Range of Cancers



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