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Home - Aircraft Demolition, LLC - Worldwide Aircraft Disassembly and Recycling


Aircraft Demolition specializes in aircraft dismantling, aircraft teardown, aircraft recycling and aircraft salvage. Aircraft Demolition provides specialized services for the airlines, insurance companies, leasing companies and military worldwide. We buy scrap jet engines.


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(952) 224-2424
Oklahoma Air & Spaceport Project


Dual-Accredited Member of AFRA
Safety and convenience, guaranteed.
Doing the right thing should be simple.
Relax. We'll come to you.


The Best Choice for Aging Aircraft, Jet Engines and Parts
AFRA Accredited Member
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Proudly Serving Fine Companies Worldwide
Air Transport World News


Czech Travel Service firms order for three Boeing 737 MAX 8s
Fire breaks out at Nairobi airport
SkyWest posts $20.7 million net profit in 2Q


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