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Airdrome Aeroplanes ~ Holden, MO


Thanks you for your interest in AIRDROME AEROPLANES 3/4 scale flying replica kits. Our aircraft cover a wide range of historical aviation. From the most recognized aircraft to have ever flown in W.W. I (the scarlet red FOKKER TRIPLANE flown by the Red Baron, Manfred Von Richthofen's most famous mount) to the most technologically advanced aircraft to come from he great war effort, the FOKKER D-VIII Parasol (AKA The Flying Razor). Also offered is the FOKKER D-VI, the precursor of the FOKKER D-VII and the first aircraft to ever mount a synchronized machine gun firing through the prop, the F0KKER E-III (Einedekker). The Einedekker can be built as a FULLY LEGAL Ultralight.


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