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modern rock-'n'-roll culture



Jack White, American hero?


Sisters create fun lo-fi pop with band Bleached
Listen to Elvis Costello & The Roots
New AFI album “Burials” coming in October
Take your Daft Punk fantasy to a new level
Music, Skateboarding, Motorcycles
No-good skate punks: The White Mandingos “Warn a Brotha” about touring life
Want 2 Free Passes to Pitchfork Music Festival?
Win 7 cassettes from Prosthetic Records and blast ’em through a holy tape deck
Watch BNLX’s spray-painted hype tour through Minneapolis
Must-see sets at Lollapalooza 2013
A printmaker’s ode to the casette renaissance
Fuck Yeah, Girls with Tattoos: Your quick fix for awesome ink on ladies
Want an easier concert experience? Download the WillCall app
Bizarre and bizarrerer: Tera Melos’s “Weird Circles” video
Bacardi cocktails to stop bitching about summer (and the White Sox)
Buy QOTSA’s USB…with a postmodernism pitch
Summer shades: Dom Vetro’s 17th Century craft and 21st Century style
Best Albums
The Alarmist


David Lynch The Big Dream (Sacred Bones)
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals Walk Through Exits Only (Megaforce)
Jucifer за волгой для нас земли нет (There Is No Land Beyond the Volga) (Mutants of the Monster)
The Octopus Project Fever Forms (Peek-A-Boo)
Unkind Pelon Juuret (Relapse)



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white century

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Cloud of Keywords from all content
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white music century summer

Very Low relevance
music century summer qotsa’ sox bitching usb… buy pitch 17th craft vetro’ shades cocktails postmodernism video easier concert experience ladies awesome girls tattoos download willcall circles” 21st weird melos’ bizarre bizarrerer bacardi albums monster octopus mutants volga волгой земли project fever juuret relapse pelon unkind forms peek-a-boo jucifer megaforce big dream lynch david yeah alarmist sacred bones walk exits illegals anselmo philip style casette album burials” afi roots elvis costello october daft no-good skate motorcycles skateboarding fantasy level listen bleached culture jack -roll n' modern rock-' american hero pop band lo-fi fun sisters create punks mandingos hype tour spray-painted bnlx’ deck watch minneapolis must-see alarm renaissance printmaker’ 2013 sets lollapalooza tape holy free passes life touring warn brotha” pitchfork festival blast ’em records prosthetic cassettes fuck