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Alchemist Amber Resin Varnishes and Oil Painting Mediums


Alchemist Mediums - Makers of historical and traditional amber resin and natural resin-based varnishes and oil painting mediums. Don Fels has rediscovered the Old Masters secret: Amber Varnish. Perfect as a medium for oil painting and violin, lute, harpsichord, and makers of traditional furniture and works of art.


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Alchemist Mediums
Testimonials and Reviews
Lost Secrets of Flemish Painting


"Alchemist painting mediums give today's artist a full working range of opportunities that allows for maximum freedom in the creation of art that is personal to the artist creative vision."
Painting mediums
Instrument Varnishes
Plein Air Magazine (October 2004):


"The Alchemist" Donald C. Fels by Frank Mason



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