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Alice Fowler Baby Set Patterns




Alice Fowler Baby Set Designs



A lady by the name of Alice Fowler designed many crochet (and a few knit) layette patterns printed and sold 40-60 years ago.  Her designs captured the hearts and minds of grandmothers to children.  Today, yarn shops in her home town of Colorado Springs, CO, do not know of her.  The address where she once lived is now a business location without ties to her. If you are aware how to contact Ms Fowler, her descendants, or any friends/acquaintances, please e-mail me.
Other links that may be of interest include an MSN interest group called "Alice Fowler Originals Vintage Crochet". 
I have the following patterns either in their original or in a photocopied version and plan to eventually get them all put on this website.  Communications with several other Alice Fowler pattern enthusiasts, as well as my layman's reading of the copyright laws indicates these are copyright free.  Violation of copyright law is NOT my desire and if you can show proof of current ownership prior to 2007, the patterns will not remain available in a public fashion.
The patterns were not named, but were given numbers ranging from 1170 to 1260.  Advertisements were placed in "The WORKBASKET" magazine at least as early as January, 1952.  The most current advertisement found was in 1968 with quite an open window of Jan 1961 to early 1966 devoid of those little 1 inch advertisements.



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