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Almost Dumb


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Almost Dumb


Your best Source for funny, strange, wierd and sexy pictures! 1000s of funny pictures already in our archive and new funny pictures are added every single day. Dont forget to bookmark us . Or RANDOM A POST!
The Stig
Salvador Dali and naked Marilyn Monroe
Sewing cat is sewing
Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
Sexy tattooed clivage
Bitches bitching around
Ur tear gas is no match for my pretend pistols
America, fuck yeah!
Dirty talk between flies, while fucking
Angel nipple piercing
Some nice ass
Killa bees
Day time and night time in human brain
Delicious boobs
I heart NY
Beware of cat
Hey, wolf, Do you want a bite of my sandwich? No, thanks, I’m stuffed.
Maybe there is no heaven. Or maybe this is all pure gibberish… Let the good times roll. Hunter S. Thompson
Yo, is this nigga serious?
I’m surrounded by assholes
Sexy freckles in swimming suit
Cutest tattooed chick, with pierces all over
Dis nigga high y’all
Hardcore chick with pierced nipples
Weird piece of art


Random Posts
I traded my master sword for a pound of weed
Brain cell’s affinity with the Universe
Left side, right side
Cute ass caressed by a pair of jeans
Rockabilly is overrated
Get out of there cat, you are not Pringles
I boop ur noes
Sexy blonde taking a picture of herself and her toilet seat
KangaSack fail
Insatiable snail eating a big strawberry
Yeah, well, ya know, that’s just like, uh, your opinion, man.
Sexy busty police officer with a generous cleavage
Scared cat surviving the fire
Happy Birthday Cock Sucker Mother Fucker
The manual – how to catch a cat.. or two.. or.. wait, what?
Go fuck yourself!
Halloween affects teenagers
Burning sky
Deal with it
Cute guy ended up in the twelfth plane of the torment on his way to the kitchen
You make kitty scared
Oh lawds is I in heaven?
Toilet pointer
You should have sucked his dick pregnancy test
Creepy teddy bear with huge cock
Glower look
That turtle has a suitcase. I hope that the turtle has a good day.
Batman rules
This is The Spoon
Lake County Sheriff
Crippled LEGO
Black and white candy lover
The death of the mighty frog !
Chip ‘n’ Dale
I’m watering a shoe fuck off!
Excuse me sir, what are you looking at?
Fuck my face, I’m a fucking cunt
Adorable baby giraffe
Tree reflection oil painting
I don’t like to gamble when the steaks are this high
You can’t hide forever
I’m high on chromosomes
Kid you need to understand that there is a reason why pot is illegal
Fat Barbie
Beautiful big natural boobs
Driving the limousine fail
Explain this bullshit
Just because the oil dried up, you thought they were going to pack up and leave?
Haha! You are poor!
And I was all like that is soooo Ahkmed
Meanwhile in Lithuania
How would you handle this situation ?
Jenny, I will blow you away
Gary Spivey: Psychic Medium, Healer
Earthquake was 8.9? Better be ten next time!
Flashing heart
I have a dream …
It’s the LIONCAT
The great debate
Hit that
Shocking pair of titties
Nigga is you serious?
Cool story bro’
Full lips, awesome blowjob
Graffiti art
Evil kitty is here to get you
Pedestrians cutting each other off



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