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For the Love of Dogs - Shopping for a Cause


For The Love Of Dogs LLC. offers unique and special gifts by dog lovers for dog lovers. Stop in and order securely.


Afghan throws, tervis tumblers, polish pottery, decorative art glass, needlepoint christmas stockings, handpainted christmas ornaments, fringed needlepoint pillows, glass bird feeders, garden bird feeders, mini cooper plates, gold dog pins, kitras art glass, appetizer plates


For the Love of Dogs - A labor of love gift shop helping homeless dogs -Shopping for a Cause
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Featured Products
Old English Sheepdog Dog Wooden 3-Dimensional Wooden Hand Painted Canoe Christmas Ornaments,Dogs on the Move
Solmate Mis-matched Adult Socks, USA Made From Recycled Cotton Yarns - Raspberry Multi Color Size Small
Yellow Labrador Retriever Portrait Needlepoint Dog Throw Pillow



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