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AlphaMed Press


AlphaMed Press was founded in Ohio in 1983 and relocated to Durham, North Carolina 22 years later. AlphaMed Press publishes two internationally renowned peer-reviewed journals: THE ONCOLOGIST®, a monthly cancer medicine journal for those entrusted with cancer patient care, and STEM CELLS®.




STEM CELLS Translational Medicine
The Oncologist
Stem Cells
Stem Cells Portal


New method to produce blood cells from stem cells could yield a purer, safer cell therapy
Universal stem cell product could overcome key challenges in donor organ transplants
Are root canals headed for obscurity? Stem cell study indicates maybe so
Novel liver stem cell model could speed up process for developing new drugs
Professor Patrick G. Johnston Awarded Society for Translational Oncology's Pinedo Prize
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Bridging basic stem cell research and its ultimate expression through clinical trials.
The International Peer-Reviewed Journal for the Practicing Oncologist/Hematologist
The International Journal of Cell Differentiation and Proliferation
Uniting Researchers & Resources: The Stem Cells Journal Online Community



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