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Alta Planning & Design - Bicycle, Pedestrian, Greenway & Trail Projects


Alta Planning & Design combines the skills of planning, design, landscape architecture and engineering to create bicycle, pedestrian, greenway and trail projects.


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Alta Bicycle/ Pedestrian
Alta Complete Streets
Alta Innovations & Research
Alta Programs & Training
Alta Bicycle Share


Project Awards
Featured Projects


Lower Savannah COG Bicycle and Pedestrian Study Recognized by NADO for Excellence in Regional Transportation. More>  
Emeryville CA Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan Recognized by APA
Alta Opens Dallas/Fort Worth Office!
Citi Bike Hits the Streets of Manhattan with a Successful Launch
Read our 2012 Year in Review - "Building Communities, Innovation, Health & Vitality" Download here> Register now for Portland State University - IBPI's popular Bicycle Planning and Design course, August 25-29. Learn everything in practice and research about this ever changing field. More> Platinum Level Bicycle Friendly Business

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