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Alyssa Milano


official site for Actress Alyssa Milano: Alyssa Jayne Milano is an American actress, producer, and avid sports fan . If you grew up with Alyssa you will enjoy all the fresh content on her official site. This is updated daily.


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SDCC: Interview with ‘Hacktivist’ creators
25 Things you don’t know about me!
ABC Ties for Number 1 on Monday – ‘Mistresses’ Surges 20 Percent Week-to-Week
Alyssa Milano’s Comic-Con Portrait
Interview with Alyssa Milano at Citi Field!
Alyssa Milano at the Superman 75 Party at Comic-Con
Alyssa Milano – Superman’s Party at San Diego Comic-Con 2013
TOUCH eyewear collection now available!!
Alyssa Milano Shocked at Son Milo’s Growth Spurt
Alyssa at the Hacktivist signing!





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