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Amery Academy: Cardiac CT Training Courses Level 2 and Level 3


Cardiac CTA Training Academy with comprehensive Level 1, 2 & 3 Cardiac CT Training Courses from the most qualified Coronary CTA instructors.


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Cardiac CTA Training for Cardiologists and Radiologists


Receive 28 CMEs - Cardiac CTA
Receive 9.5 CMEs - PV-CTA
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CT Workstation Inventory: GE Advantage, Toshiba-Vitrea, Philips Brilliance, Siemens Leonardo, TeraRecon Attendees: USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Philippines, Qatar, Hong Kong, Russia, Iraq, India, South Africa, Jordan, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Colombia, Ireland, Isreal, Japan, New Zealand, Chile, Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, Norway, Panama, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Portugal, Puerto Rico


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