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Welcome to Arizona AMC, I specialize in 1968-74 Javelin/AMX classic auto parts. I sell parts for all American Motors Vehicles to include AMX 68-70, Javelin/AMX 71-74, Rebel 66-70, Matador 71-78, Ambassador 66-78, Gremlin 70-78, Hornet 70-77, Concord 78-83, Spirit 80-86, Eagle 80-88, As well as Jeep vehicles. I have a good mix of used parts for the above vehicles so feel free to request parts anytime to thank you and take a look around on my site to see the new parts as well as the parts cars.





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You won't find a better selection of Quality Used and New parts or level of service anywhere in the ARIZONA Market for our wonderful American Motors Automobiles!



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