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AncestryHost :: FREE Genealogy Website Hosting


Your source for FREE genealogy website hosting. Place your family history stories, pedigrees, photographs and what ever else you have related to genealogy on our servers for nothing!


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Hosting Your Ancestry


How it Works


The intent of this website is to pass along the rich blessings of having a genealogy website of your own. A number of years ago, my wife and I created a genealogy website to make our family heritage more readily accessible to our distant relatives. Since that time, we have been fortunate to meet family from all corners of the world. Not only have they benefited from our work, but they have contributed to ours!
AncestryHost was created with the goal of helping others display their genealogy and enjoy the benefits of reaching relatives in all parts of the world.  Please read on to learn more about our free services!
In a nut shell… we are allowing people to "host" their genealogy website on our servers at no cost.  The only cost to you is that of obtaining your own domain name (e.g. , , etc.).  You can get your own custom/personal domain name through any domain registrar you desire (e.g. GoDaddy ). With your own domain name we give you space on our servers to display any genealogy website that you create. "But how do I create my own website?" you ask! There are hundreds of free and inexpensive ways.
Most genealogists use a program such as PAF or FamilyTreeMaker to manage their ancestors' names. These programs can actually create a simple website for you with all of your genealogy research in just a matter of seconds at no cost.
Another program that works great is called The Next Generation in Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG for short). It professionally displays your pedigrees, photographs, family history stories, and countless other functions. All you have to do is purchase their program, install it to our servers, import your family history, and you're off!
We're probably making this sound easier than it is! But don't worry; we can give you a little help. But please keep in mind that we are offering our servers and time for free, so we don't offer much "tech support". However, we can help you here and there as needed.
To begin, simply fill out our secure application . Upon approval, you will receive FTP login information to begin uploading your site.


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