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The Official Catholic Weekly Newspaper of the Fall River Diocese


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Being Christians with Christ • 9.13.13
Putting Into the Deep by Father Roger J. Landry
My View From the Stands by Dave Jolivet
The Feminine Genius by Genevieve Kineke
Living the Faith by Msgr. John J. Oliveira
Making Sense Out of Bioethics by Father Tad Pacholczyk
Judge for Yourself by Dwight Duncan
Moon Over Molokai  by Father Patrick Killilea, SS.CC.
In the Palm of His Hands  by Rose Mary Saraiva
Radiate Your Faith  by Renee Bernier
Wrestling With God   by Dr. Helen Flavin
The Great Commission by Claire McManus
Be Not Afraid by Frank Lucca
Be Not Afraid  by Father David Frederici
Be Not Afraid  by Amanda Tarantelli
Be Not Afraid by Ozzie Pacheco


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