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Description is your entertainment destination for anything Ethiopia. Travel To Ethiopia with You can listen to free Ethiopian music, share and browse videos, and watch Ethiopian Television (ETV) live.


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NEW Sew Le Sew Ethiopian Drama Part 84
Sew Le Sew Ethiopian Drama Part 78
New Sew Le Sew Drama part 77 Full
New Ethiopian music 2013 - Azeb Wendwosen - Alsemam
Sew Le Sew Part 83 - Ethiopian Drama
Balageru Idol Round 2 Episode 45 Full
NEW Gorebetamochu EBS Sitcom Part 10 Full
NEW Sew Le Sew Ethiopian Drama Part 82 FULL
NEW Sew Le Sew Ethiopian Drama Part 80
NEW Ethiopian Comedy DOKLE and Alex Yegna Mushira
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