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Anderson-Bolds sells Electric Heaters, ATC and SSAC Industrial Timers, Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays, MDI Contactors, Vibration Switches, Laser Switches, Motors and Drives, Portable AC, GFCIs, Surge Strips and Cords


Anderson-Bolds Inc. distributes electric heaters, valves, timers, level controls, sensors and other process and electrical component products. We are also a manufacturers' representative for heating systems, control panels, annunciator systems, ovens, furnaces, and air conditioning products.


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Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site. OH Electro-Mechanical distributes a broad line of motors, drives, and power transmission products . Copyright 1996-2013 Anderson-Bolds, Inc.  |  (216) 360-9800 or (866) 360-9810  |

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webmaster@anderson-bolds furnaces ovens strips surge carlo ssac atc sells gavazzi solid gfcis portable contactors mdi comments web contactor furnace counter timer thermal commercial capacitive photoelectric boiler i/o oven valve 1996-2013 anderson-bolds copyright transmission electro-mechanical 216 360-9800 switch info@anderson-bolds 360-9810 866 laserswitch photoswitch thermal systems thermal solutions process solutions custom engineering electric process heating precision heat triac control triac electric dragon heater emerson custom engineering solutions precision heat and control cartridge heaters circulation heaters immersion heaters process heaters heat trace temperature controls heating systems heating controls heating elements wiegand kapton electric catalog air operated valve afnor actuator service analytical angar scientific as-interface asco/angar asco valve asco pneumatic controls thermocouple hvac process controls comfort heaters component heaters wiegand appliance design 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