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Under garments for cycling, horseback riding, motorcyclists and equestrians. Best quality breathable, technical, padded underwear for athletes.


Finest snug fitting underwear for cyclist, horseback riding or equestrians and motorcyclist wanting to be comfortable for long rides. Padded underwear you can wear under your own clothing.


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Welcome to Andiamo’s Online Store
FLAT RATE SHIPPING…  $5 anywhere in the US, $10 anywhere else in the world.
Remember, if you need assistance at any time, or prefer to order over the phone, please call us at: 208 726 1385


Convert anything you're wearing into comfortable cycling wear with Andiamo padded underwear.
We wear Andiamo when we cycle...
I wear Andiamo when I ride...
I wear Andiamo commuting to and from work...
I wear Andiamo on long back country rides...
I wear Andiamo under jeans on my motorcycle...




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