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Welcome to Adopt-A-Native-Elder



Anelder, Welcome to the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program, Adopt-A-Native-Elder, Program, exists, create, Bridge, Hope, between, Native, Americans, other, cultures., allows, reach, another, share, gifts, mend, broken, circle, relationship, with, Land, hold, sacred, trust., supports, traditional, Elders, live, cultural, spiritual, traditions, Dine, People., Most, remote, portions, (Navajo), reservation., Many, hogans, some, raise, sheep, means, maintaining, themselves., provides, food, simple, medicines, clothing, fabric, yarns, help, these, their, lifestyle., they, have, become, elderly, more, difficult, them, support, themselves, ways., Miracles, From, Sky:, organized, American, Spirit, Giveaway, Circle., Circle, tradition, giving, best, that, have., That, gift, time, talents, skills, actual, clothing., When, asked, what, boxes, meant, Ruth, Benally, explained, were, like, miracles, from, sky., miracle, letters, arrive, people, dont, know, never, meet., information, about, background, scope, please, visit, Are.,




Welcome to the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program



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