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Angela Shelton - Inspiring Joyful Lives


Angela Shelton is an author, actor and funny public speaker empowering women and inspiring survivors to heal and lead joyful lives.


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Inspiring You to Heal and Move On to Happily Ever After!
I’m Angela Shelton


Looking for my Children’s Books?


I believe healing is an act of revolution.
When YOU heal and move on in your life, you break the cycle of YUK for the next generation – and everyone around you. Fun!
Meet Tilda Pinkerton – HERE!


Though she takes on serious issues, Angela Shelton is joyous, irreverent, funny, and feisty! 
Angela Shelton holds important information for those of us providing services to people that have been sexually assaulted.  She speaks introspectively of her experience as well as what she learned through her research while filmmaking.  As a beloved voice of sexual assault and incest survivors, her candid truth-telling creates powerful shockwaves through her audiences.  She moves, stirs and leaves behind lasting lessons for all who hear her speak. 
Angela Shelton is amazing. She speaks for every abused person who has lived through the same hell.  
Searching for Angela Shelton  is too important, too meaningful, too touching, TOO TERRIFIC to been seen casually. From the first frame to the last I was in turn riveted, weepy, drained, shattered, hopeful…and plenty of other emotions in between. You are one remarkable, talented lady. It took enormous courage, persistence, and honesty to pull this off. Most importantly, you managed to keep your sense of humor, and at the same time show a willingness to forgive. What an unbeatable combo! Congratulations! This film should be shown in every home, in every country, in the world. Bravo!  
With relentless honesty, humor and vitality, Angela Shelton opens the door for countless others to stop denying their pain, tell their stories, and join together in the revolutionary act of getting well and loving themselves. 
Angela’s words will reach into your soul and shake you awake! She is fierce and bold and her passion to put a face on issues like domestic violence and child sexual abuse is compelling and necessary. 
Bold, brave, honest and inspiring,  Finding Angela Shelton  continues to promote awareness and healing to the masses. Angela’s self-professed “big mouth” is changing the world one survivor at a time…I hope she never shuts up! 
Angela Shelton is the most amazing woman I know besides my mom. She made me laugh and cry and I’m a guy. I’m going to treat women better all because of Angela Shelton .  
Angela Shelton has the qualities I admire in anybody who is making a difference.  Angela is an agent for change, a catalyst, an alchemist.  Angela has made her private story our public story and her transformation our transformation. 
Angela is an unstoppable force for honor, justice, courage. By finding her voice she has given permission to tens of thousands of survivors to say, ‘me too’ and thus begin there own journey of healing and recovering. As an organization that focus’ on teaching responsible adults how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly we realize there are many aspects of the complicated issue of child sexual abuse we do not cover. And for the support, healing and how to become a healthy viable ‘force’ in the world, with honor, we point to Angela Shelton! 
I have encountered an angel in Angela. 
Angela Shelton may be the first woman in history to turn a horrific childhood into a movement so full of hope and inspiration, even people who haven’t suffered any form of child abuse want to get involved. Angela defied the odds and turned her pain into real power. If you want to understand how the human spirit can thrive in the face of unimaginable childhood trauma, listen to Angela! 
I am overwhelmed and ever so grateful for that little girl who grew up to be Angela Shelton, the courageous young woman who persevered and found her own way through the tapestry of life who has woven a beautiful cloak of self worth and value that she shares with all who have been abused.
Angela Shelton gives each of us encouragement to leave behind everything that keeps us less-than.  Finding Angela Shelton   should be required reading in all high schools and colleges. It should be required reading for all social workers and law enforcement officers. I am so very proud of Angela Shelton and to share in the healing she brings to us all. 
Angela Shelton inspires people of all ages to shatter the silence and create a world without violence! 
After years of going through trauma from years of sexual abuse, I found my salvation after watching Angela on 48 Hours many years ago. Since then, I have been on a journey to set myself free and be the person I was meant to be. After years of cleansing myself mentally, I have now tackled the physical aspect. I am proud to say I have lost 100 lbs. of weight that was holding me back from being who I was meant to be.
All of what Angela was saying finally clicked. I will be running my first ever half Marathon this year and it is thanks to Angela Shelton and all of her workbooks and videos and messages that have helped heal me and make me the strong person I am today. I am proud of myself and that is the first time I have ever been able to say that about myself. Thank you Angela. 
My life is surrounded by amazing women but if I had to put one on the top of my list it would be Angela Shelton. She is a successful model, actress, screenwriter, and author.  She has managed to make me laugh, and cry and think and do (sometimes in an hours' time). Anyone who has the fortune of being part of Angela's life in anyway is truly blessed.  
You want light? Angela Shelton’s got megawatts to spare. 
Never have I seen a lightbringer and love-weaver so masterfully interweave humor, sex-positive education, self-love, spiritual healing, family nurturance, practical living skills, diversity-affirming media and entertainment so naturally and prolifically.
Angela Shelton is a Sherpa leading the way from unspeakable challenges to fully articulated self-acceptance and jubilee, all the while magically and magnificently embracing her self-acceptance and joy daily.
She's moved on from nightmares into living the life of her dreams with the--literal and figurative--love of her life. She's a living breathing reminder that "healing is possible". 
Through Angela's fun and un-inhibiting Safe-Side Super Chick character, our children were able to identify with the character, laugh and learn great life-lessons that will stay with them through their lives.
They always refer to specific situations by saying "Safe-Side Super Chick said this... or Safe-Side Super Chick said that..." Through Angela is great and effective acting, she took a scary subject and translated it to children in a way that will help to keep them safe and I cannot thank her enough! 
I had four babies in five years. Just as I was coming out of a lactating coma, I met Angela Shelton. We become fast friends and my life was never the same. Not only did I gain a friend, I gained my own personal cheerleader.
It was Angela's voice telling me to "just do it" when I decided to start a blog. She has been there to support me and she had the patience of a saint when I didn't know my RSS from my HTML. OMG! LOL!
From standing on stage at Listen To Your Mother, to book signings for I Just Want To Pee Alone to boarding a plane for Haiti, it was Angela that made me feel 6 ft tall and bullet proof.
My four children are watching everything I do. They are taking notes as I "just do it." Thank you. 
Angela Shelton rips the mask off all the bullshit built up around the atrocities in our society. She exposes all, including her heart - broken and mended - and this inspires those with enough balls to follow suit. She does the heavy work with a wink and a smile and a goofy dance, which makes it all approachable. Thank God for this Angela Shelton. So glad we found her.
Angela Shelton is one of the brightest lights I have ever known. She has the guts to bring her unstoppable spirit and brazen curiosity into those dark icky places most of us either avoid or just crawl through with our eyes closed.
Thanks to her books and film and blog I have felt not only less alone in this world but also happier to be here, able to laugh at and marvel at the way life messes with you sometimes. I always look forward to what Angela is up to next! Bravissimo Bella!
"When I first started looking for a way to heal I spent a lot of time researching different writers and organizations. So many were just so dark and sad! Each day I would go to the computer and search, only to come away feeling more and more depressed. Then I stumbled onto Angela's website and there she was dancing across the screen. She was smiling, happy, joyful--none of the things I ever thought I would be again. And that made me stop and listen--if she could do it, could I?
So I did. I downloaded the workbook and dove in. I am so grateful I did. It was what I needed in order to heal. I needed an example of happiness to believe that I could be happy again."


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