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Animal Radio® - America's most-listened-to pet talk. AM-FM-XM Satellite Radio-Online-Mobile. Everywhere you are!


Home of the nationally syndicated Animal Radio® - Since 2003, Animal Radio® has been America's most-listened-to pet talk. Animal Radio® airs on 106 AM-FM radio stations nationwide, XM Satellite Radio and the Animal Radio® App for iPhone and Android. Over 350,000 pet-lovers come together weekly to celebrate our connection with our pets. Animal Radio® is hosted by Hal Abrams, Judy Francis, Vladae Roytapel, Dr. Debbie, Stacey Cohen, Joey Villani, Vinnie Penn, Joy Turner, Susan Sims and a cast of hundreds. Frequent celebrity guest-hosts include the likes of Jenna Fischer (The Office), Glenn Close (Damages) Ed Asner and Cesar Millan.








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