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Why did the girl smear peanut butter on the road? To go with the traffic jam!
What's worse than the holocaust? Women's rights.........
Kid: Dear Santa, send me a brother! Santa: Send me your mother.
Why did the Chicken cross teh Road. Because blacks are horrible gay jew **** who steal your bikez and are theives. dey are almost as bad as the Koreans. auschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitzauschwitz
A man wakes up in the hospital. A doctor says theres good news and bad. The man says tell me the bad first. The doctor says we amputated the other leg, we will amputate the other leg tomorrow. The man grew very sad. The man says sadly after whats the good news. The doctor says see that guy over there he wants to buy your shoes.
grab your girl shove you dixon cider
Jayden is a ****!
What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? The Holocaust.
I was reading a book on antigravity, but put it down because it was boring.
Why did the boy drop his ice cream? Because he was hit by a bus.
Why did the jew got to the grocery store? Because he was out of milk.
Roses are red, Violets are blue. I have a gun. Get in the van.



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