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Antiques at Iron Bridge


Your one stop for R.S. Prussia. Iron Bridge Antiques specializes in R.S. Prussia and all of its variations: RS Prussia, RS Germany, RS Tillowitz,RS Poland China, RS Suhl, ES Prov Saxe, Os St. Killian, CS Prussia, Saxe Altenburg, Royal Vienna Germany and all of the other lesser known marks. Only a very small portion of our inventory has been listed. We will continue to add to our listings, as time permits.


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RS GERMANY double marked...  $75.00
RS PRUSSIA (RM) FTD LILY...  $2250.00
Antique Childs Pewter...  $100.00
RS PRUSSIA (RM) CREAM &...  $225.00
RS PRUSSIA MOLD 256 O.H....  $250.00
RS PRUSSIA (RAISED...  $275.00
Glass Powder Box with...  $45.00





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