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Bless you! And Welcome! Antraeus de Herschia is the Love I AM and an Indigo galactic starseed truth warrior taking part in the adventure of Ascension on planet Earth, the quantum leap in human evolution to crystalline DNA, the awakening to 5D Light and Reality and beyond with Earth and Mother Nature and the revolution towards full consciousness. Namaste!


Ascension is a process of individual and collective transformation, self-healing and raising our consciousness and vibration by feeling through the heart in grace and surrender to the 5th dimension and the realms of Divine Love and Light, Infinite Joy and Laughter, Eternal Truth and Reality, of the higher frequencies of the Spirit and Spiritual Oneness and Abundance, of the Christ band, of true Being beyond the ego mind – co-creating a new Golden Age, a Heaven on Earth, a new Garden of Eden as the land of Lemuria once was, so that we become the embodiments of Who We Really Are, as the Higher Self, the I AM Presence, as multidimensional gods, as Beings of Light, as the Creative Source, God / Goddess, All That Is, and, basically, everything you ever wanted but didn’t know you already had and forgot you already Are. Is this the longest sentence you ever read in your life or what? Lol. Repeat after me: ‘I am not a number, I am a free man / woman.’ Thank you thank you thank you. OM shanthi shanthi shanthi


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heaven freemasons enlightenment rosicrucian multidimensional presence osiris christ spirit higher spiritual oneness goddess abundance eternal global elite elementals white eagle thoth glastonbury the secret soul crop circles crop circle horus white brotherhood dimension channelling earth changes channelled lady nada lemuria sanat kumara namaste holy grail affirmations freemasonry haarp crystalline awakening quantum reality astral consciousness mayan nibiru antraeus indigo self-awareness prana energy body conversations with god sirian vortex sandy stevenson goddess vortex paranormal dreaming bear truth vibrations bodhisattva neale donald walsch maya magenta pixie new chakra system kuthumi lakshmi merkaba the group steve rother council of 12 adult indigo white winged collective consciousness of nine golden age druids new age dna upgrade ptaah rainbow children ramtha walk ins starseeds anais nin herman hesse el morya goethe voyagers twin flames mahatma twin flame agrippa gaia lakech ala 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