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The Battle of Antietam on the Web


Antietam on the Web, born in 1996, offers an in-depth online reference and interactive community centered on the American Civil War battle at Sharpsburg in 1862. Highlights from the contents include: complete texts for each of the 315 post-battle Official Reports written by commanding officers on both sides; a set of 13 highly detailed battle maps covering the action at Sharpsburg with links to units described; profiles of about 1060 individuals present, including all of the known officers in command positions, many having in-depth biographical information, and with photographs of more than 400 of them; pages for each of the 435 Regiments, 132 Batteries, and 42 other units on the Campaign, as well as the Brigade, Division, and Army Corps organizations containing them; a collection of two dozen special articles, exhibits, and eyewitness accounts illuminating the events of September 1862; and the newest addition: a Gallery of photographs and other images both contemporary to the Battle and those offering modern views of the battlefield and some of the objects of War.


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Antietam on the Web





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