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A Polite Bribe


A Documentary by Robert Orlando


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NEWS: Media Marketeer of The Passion, March of The Penguins, and The Prince of Egypt Joins A POLITE BRIBE …. read more
Did Christianity Begin with “A Polite Bribe”?



Initial Reflections on “A Polite Bribe”
Gerd Ludemann – Review
Paul Achtemeier – Review
Film portrays Apostle Paul struggling in church strife
A Polite Bribe w/Gerd Ludemann
Why Hollywood Is Embracing the Bible
New Film Examines Early Christian Controversy
Article on Lexington, KY Screening
Allentown Screening: Sept 20th, 2012
Review by Amy Longsdorf- The Morning Call
Media: Scholar Clips
Ben Witherington Review
Interview with the Director
Apostle Paul Goes to Princeton


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